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Affirm November 14th, 2016

Sometimes I get so confused. The other day I was watching the Television and a familiar face appeared on a commercial. It was the guy who used to always say, “Can you hear me now?” Of course, at that time, he was promoting Verizon Cellular. His kind of nonchalant, only the facts persona, won people [...]

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October 31st 2016 Affirm

As I was reading the Word this morning I was reminded of a High School classmate of mine, I’ll call him Lowell. Lowell was really shy and somewhat awkward, but very likeable. He kept to himself most of the time. He was much smaller than the rest of us and it seemed to me that [...]

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October 17th, 2016 Affirm

I remember reading, though I don’t remember where, someone saying that we all have three basic needs. Every human being is created with these needs and finds fulfillment when these needs are met. It was stated that we all have a need to be wanted. We have a part of us that wants to belong. [...]

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September 26th Affirm

It happens each and every week, usually on Sunday. Either my bride ask, or I do the asking, but the question is always the same: “What does your schedule look like this week?” It’s then we compare our notes so that we can find out when our paths will cross. Today is Monday. We’re back [...]

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Summer is Here

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Summer is here and this means it’s time for our Annual Gathering.  This is a great time for those who are able to attend this blessed event.  It’s an opportunity to fellowship with old friends (I know….careful), learn new things to help keep your secretariat strong, and of course worship [...]

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Thoughts from the National Gathering

Grace, peace, and mercy from God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit! It is my joy, honor, and privilege to write sharing some thoughts of our recent National VdC Gathering, thanking you for the opportunity to lead, and reminding you of a couple of things regarding this ministry. All that while not being too preachy! Our National [...]

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Grace, peace, and mercy from God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit! Let’s focus on the first word of this greeting as an encouragement in our walk with God and our work in this ministry: Grace. What a marvelous word! Volumes have, and will be, written on the subject. The second talk of a Via de Cristo [...]

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Springtime in the Rockies

Grace, peace, mercy, and love from God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit! One thinks of Easter – one also thinks of spring. Isn’t it grand to know the grass is greening, trees are beginning to bud, some flowers have bloomed while others are showing green sprouts. The essence of spring is predictable but never precisely. Similar, [...]

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God really does love us!

Grace, peace, mercy, and love from God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit Every Good Friday, every Easter, and every Easter season, I am reminded, awe-struck actually, by what God has done for all creation! I know Lent is a time to reflect and discover the things in our own lives that aren’t just “right.” But, with [...]

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