National Lutheran Secretariat Charter Members

“Whereas we, the undersigned, and others associated with us, desire, for the sake of our common purposes, to band ourselves together  into a National Cursillo Secretariat for Lutherans: Therefor be it resolved that we, and others of like mind who are or may become associated with us, constitute ourselves into such a Secretariat.”

Rev. Ronald G. Qualley, Lawrence M. Stanfill Sonshine Cursillo, Miami, FL
Al Smith, Rev Edward W. Simonsen Rainbow Cursillo, Washington, DC
Connie Coyne Sjostrom Gold Coast Cursillo, Boca Raton, FL
David C. Nelson, Ronald H. Hunt Daybreak Cursillo, Richmond, VA
Rev. Dwayne C. Joyer, Dunn Miller Gulf Coast Cursillo, Fort Myers, FL
Ronald E. Kear, Rev. Emil F. Inele Atlanta Lutheran Cursillo, Atlanta, GA
Jackie H. Dietz, Rev. Richard A. Browder Western N. Carolina Lutheran Cursillo, Hickory, NC
Rev. Earl L. Hively, Robert A. Raack Pittsburgh Lutheran Cursillo, Pittsburgh, PA
Rev. Henry Boschen Eastern N. Carolina Lutheran Cursillo, Greensboro, NC
Martha J. Erickson Cursillo Lutheran Community of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Robert J. Sael, Paul W. Bramstedt Lutheran Cursillo of Central  Michigan, Saginaw, Michigan
Jack W. Heuton, Rev. Carroll Lang Lutheran Cursillo of Iowa, Storm Lake, IA
Dale Davis, Thomas Amenell Nebraska Lutheran Cursillo, Omaha, NE
Elizabeth A. Robinson, R.C. Robinson West Virginia Cursillo Movement for Lutherans, Wheeling WV