Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

The NLS Executive Board consists of six elected positions. The six elected NLS Officers plus the Executive Director make up the Executive Committee (EC).

  • Executive Committee officers are elected during the National Lutheran Secretariat Annual Gathering and serve a two-year term, which may be renewed for a second two-year term. The Executive Committee positions are:  President, Spiritual Director, Vice President for Administration,  Vice President for Outreach,
    Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Selected position:
    Executive Director

Committee Chairs and other positions are appointed and serve the community at the direction of EC, participate on teleconference calls as needed, attend the Mid-Year Meeting if invited and attend the Annual Gathering if possible.  Committee Chairs serve for one year and are renewable.

  • Archivist/Historian
  • Database Coordinator
  • Distribution Center Manager
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Non-Profit Compliance/Tax Advisor
  • Palanca Coordinator
  • Webmaster (Technology Administrator)