As you may know, the NLS Executive Committee met in Nashville, TN January 27th
through the 29th to finalize our upcoming annual meeting, finalize recommendations
regarding our Executive Director, and share what was learned at the Fourth Day
Leadership Forum (a gathering of the leaders of other Fourth Day movements). The
following items are for your information, those on your Secretariat’s, and those in
your community.
• This year’s Annual Meeting will be July 25th through the 28th in Florida. More
information can be found our website: http:\\ Some
important things to know about this meeting:
o We will vote on Constitution and ByLaws changes so maximum representation
from each Secretariat is requested and desirable. See the next major bullet
regarding changes.
o The meeting is not just for voting delegates! It is also for visitors and guests
along with the delegates to be exposed to topics of interest and various helps
for Secretariats.
o The Annual Meeting begins at 11:00 AM Thursday and continues through worship
service Sunday. It is no coincidence that our meeting is 72 hours! The time
breaks down with:

  •  Seven hours of worship (seven services),
  •  Six hours of business meeting (four meetings),
  •  Six plus hours of information presentation and discussion (five separate opportunities),
  •  Four hours for regional meetings where representatives of the various Secretariats come together to share successes and discuss challenges, and
  • Time for learning from one another and fellowship at meals and the end of each day (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

• Regarding Constitution and ByLaw changes, specific information on the exact
changes will be sent to Secretariat Lay Director’s prior to mid-April. Some general
information regarding the changes are related to:
o Necessary language regarding the distribution of assets should the NLS disband.
While we are not anticipating this happening, we are required to have language
in our governing documents should this occur. The Executive Committee will
recommend language that says should the NLS disband all assets will be divided
evenly among the affiliated Secretariats. While there are certainly many
options to consider, this is the easiest to describe and unlikely to occur.
o Incorporation of an Executive Director into the NLS and VdC leadership along
with establishing an NLS Fund to assist in funding this position.
• The Annual Survey that provides the NLS with information regarding the actions of
your Secretariat was recently sent. Please return them as quickly as possible. Look
for some clarifying information in an email from Nancy Peterson, our Executive
• The website now has an easy method for members of your community to receive
notification that a new edition of the Conexiones is available. It is at the top of
the Newsletter page:
• The Rediscover & Recommit program will be piloted in Colorado Springs, CO on
March 2nd and Columbus, OH on March 16th. Following these pilots the program will
be offered at least once in each region between the middle of April and the
Annual Meeting in July. Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information:
[Region number | Name | email address | telephone number | VdC Community]
1. Kim Brownlow | | 719-229-9656 | Colorado VdC
2. Bob Quam | | 218-731-2870 (C) / 218-736-3169 (H) | Minnesota
Wendy Showalter | | 763-229-3185 (C) / 763-494-9709 (H) | Minnesota VdC
3. Alice Allison | | 817-999-8549 | Lutheran VidC of North Texas
4. Dick Volder | | 815- 875-1330 (H) | Heart of Illinois VdC
5. Mark Carson | | 410-456-5146 (C ) \ Vineyard VdC
6. Chris Rasmussen | | (704) 210-9966 (C ) / (704)549-9225 (H) | Eastern North Carolina VdC
Stephen Manasco | | 901-237-0647 (C ) | Notes of
Grace VdC
7. Dottie Schwartz | | 904 502-3448 (C) / 904 264-7312
(H) |Sonshine North VDC of Florida
Penny Klein | | 904 505 6243 ( C) / 904 264-6785 (H) |
Sonshine North VDC of Florida
Blessings –