Wendy Showalter

Greetings of peace and joy.

My name is Wendy Showalter and I have been elected to serve as your President.

Being born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota (the Land of the Lutherans), this position will certainly bring me to all parts of our country to nurture and pray for communities of believers as they seek to birth new secretariats.

Upon leaving my VdC weekend in 1992, my normal life was about to change. I was a single mom and felt disenfranchised from our home church. But God was about to give us a loving, earthly family like we had never known. Within this new environment, I served on numerous teams and in leadership roles. Within our secretariat, I served as Lay Director and Assistant, State Trainer and Metro District Director. I also led the charge to re-write our by-laws and restructure our community.

Then came my introduction to the National Lutheran Secretariat. At the inception of the Regional Coordinator program, I was quickly drawn to serve on the first R.C Team and then co-authored the Rediscover and Recommit Workshop. It has been my blessing to facilitate the workshop over a dozen times and interact with tremendous Cursillistas across all seven regions.

At the Annual Gathering of 2015, my blessings increased by being elected and serve as your Vice President of Outreach. Along with mentoring and guiding the birth of four new secretariats, I was able to visit our VdC sisters and brothers in Papua New Guinea, and reach out to the community in Bolivia.

God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, Jay, and together we have three great kids and two adorable grandchildren. We worship at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, in Maple Grove, MN, and are very active in various programs.

My professional life has helped me develop tools that I now bring to the new tasks at hand. After teaching English and Theater Arts at the senior high level, I went on to working over two decades in the advertising/marketing arena. We shall see how our Lord uses me now!

Blessed to serve you and our living Lord.

Wendy Showalter, President – National Lutheran Secretariat for Via de Cristo