Dave Lambert

Database Coordinator

I’m Dave Lambert, your new Database Coordinator. I am a member of Christ Lutheran Church in Bethesda, Maryland; In 2005 I attended Southern Maryland Walk to Emmaus #15 and sat at the Table of Peter.

I worked for IBM for 22 years and then for a defense contractor for over 10 years. 2002-2005 I served on the Executive Committee for the Luis Palau Festival which drew 60,000 people to the National Mall in Washington DC; in 2005-2006 I was the Database Coordinator for the Billy Graham Festival that drew 81,000 people to Baltimore. I earned an Equipping Lay Ministry Certificate in Evangelism in 2006 and serve on three other nonprofit boards, including Treasurer of Rainbow VdC, besides my database position here at NLS VdC. I built, host and maintain the website for the Capital Region National Day of Prayer and do other paid as well as volunteer work at various nonprofits in Montgomery County, Maryland. As a member of the Membership Committee at my church, I maintain the attendance and membership database.

I have always had an interest in cooking and am the Director of the Culinary Arts Initiative at Graceful Growing Together, the 501(c)(3) established by my church. I am a Certified Instructor and Registered Proctor for the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe course and am a member of the Montgomery County Food Council’s Food Literacy Working Group.

As an appointed member of the NLS Board of Directors, I maintain the nationwide list of over 750 people interested in Via de Cristo, the Lutheran expression of the Cursillo religious movement. Data is stored and maintained in Constant Contact; specialized reports and data integrity queries are done using Microsoft Access.

When people ask how retirement is going, my answer is “I’m busier than ever!” To read more about me and my activities, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidrobertlambert

In His service together with you,
Dave Lambert

Link to me on LinkedIn at David Robert Lambert