Genesis of a New Community

The Process

Critical Steps for Birthing a New VdC Secretariat. Initially begin the process with the National Vice President of Outreach ( and later work with your Regional Coordinator to support this effort.

Discuss your ideas and expectations with the Vice President of Outreach.

Identify a core team of disciples who share the vision and are ready to take on the task.

a. Prayerful consideration

b. Internet search to see if the name is in use

Start with another community’s By-laws and revise for your own purposes. The VPO will supply options.

Research and begin process for Incorporation by writing a constitution per the requirements of your Secretary of State and filing for 501(c)3 status

a. Identify all the ELCA and Missouri Synod Lutheran Churches within a reasonable geography

b. Identify the other denominations in your geography for future outreach

a. Attend the Synod Assembly or District Meetings.

b. Tap into the Lutheran Churches in your Synod/District.

c. Ask VdC pastors to carry the message of VdC to the Synod or Districtmeetings and find other pastors who have attended a weekend or are interested in learning more.

d. Don’t hesitate to leverage other 4th Day Spiritual Directors to support the pastor to pastor dialog/invite

e. Conduct Temple Talks at local churches and pass out VdC brochures after worship service

a. Meet with leaders of other 4th Day Communities, especially those ecumenical communities (Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias, Episcopal Cursillo, and Presbyterian Cursillo) Ask for support to build 4th Day community

b. Host and/or attend joint Ultreyas with other 4th Day communities throughout the Region

c. Encourage everyone to participate in a Reunion Group

a. With a small core group, it is recommended that the initial governing body should be required to only serve one year as opposed to a full two or three-year term. This may make the commitment easier for some.

b. Begin to build your community. Make a friend, be a friend and bring your friend to Christ. Invite people to attend a weekend

a. Identify Financial Resources

b. Work with the Regional Coordinator to help with this effort.

c. Other 4th Day communities from your area (Tres Dias or Walk to Emmaus) may provide team members to help host your first weekend

d. Identify Weekend Supply Resources Other VdC communities may donate supplies or financial support needed to host an initial weekend.

e. Identify a facility to host the weekend. The governing body should develop a sub-team to research and visit a number of potential places…camps, churches and retreat centers.